Disease Model of Alcoholism | Beyond Addiction With God

Disease Model of Alcoholism & The Role Of Christian Drug Rehabilitation.

HOPE Revolution recognises that God calls young people to be bringers of change and help them move beyond their drug and alcohol issues.  The disciples were only young  themselves, and against all odds, followed Jesus’ instruction to ‘Go’ and effectively spread the Gospel worldwide. We recognise, as Christ did, that young people can be leaders and world- changers in their own right and overcome addiction.

We are seeing regions  gather youth from around the country, and to equip them for mission in their own community, through training, investment, resourcing and releasing. In partnership with many different agencies and networks, we aim to see young people, with their churches, empowered and released to be radical and effective missionary disciples. Find out more about the disease model of alcoholism and drug addiction and how Christian mission rehab can help.
Comparative religious studies at HR include:
1) What is Islam
2) The spiritual path of Judaism 

“Young people can be released and empowered to do word and action mission with young people suffering from drug and alcohol problems. We are better together than we are apart, so HOPE Revolution is excited to help bring youth leaders and churches together to make an impact across their area. Could you be the energy and inspiration that your region needs to bring together a whole term of Mission, a united mission week or a co-ordinated project? Find out how you can get involved by attending one of our women’s retreats.

HOPE Revolution has a vision to see young people living beyond drug and alcohol addiction, living out their faith in word and action mission right across the UK, building towards a big year of mission in 2014. ”


“The Mission Academy Learning Community is a chance for you and your youth group together with others in your region to work through what mission is and what it looks like in your local context. You will learn together and develop a lifestyle of mission, dreaming, planning and pioneering missional initiatives such as Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Through this you will grow in confidence to reach out to friends, and communities with the love of Jesus through your words and actions”. Find out more at our United Mission Week UK.

How To Avoid Drug Addiction With God

There are times where you may be faced with the decision to take drugs through despair. You may be at a party, or your friends may have offered you some. It can be quite hard to say no; especially if you feel pressured by other people, or if god is missing in your life.

So, how can avoid these kinds of situations? There are a few things which you can do – one thing which may help is knowing some of the deadly effects that turning from God and taking drugs  may have.

Some of the effects that come with drug abuse

Although the high of a drug may make it seem good at first, continuing to abuse it can cause many problems for you in the future. These can be financial, mental, or physical – and many drugs are able to cause all three.

Marijuana (which is believed to be harmless) can cause dangers similar to tobacco use and more. There is always the risk of having an overdose with any drug, which can kill people in many cases.

Fentanyl is a lethal drug for many reasons. It’s not just cheap to make, but it’s also harmful and highly addictive. In fact, it’s quite similar to heroin and is often used to replace it.

This drug is injected into a vein and the skin around it is almost instantly transformed to being green and scaly, similar to a crocodile’s skin. However, after a long period of time, it can turn the skin grey and can cause it to just peel off.

How to avoid them

A great way to avoid drugs is to avoid the temptations that you may have, as well as peer pressure. The saying ‘you’re only as good as the company you keep’ is quite true – and if you have friends or family members who pressure you to take drugs, then you should try to avoid them. Maybe you could try to make some new friends who won’t try to get you to abuse any substances.

You could create some goals and dreams for your future. A drug addict usually only has the goal of getting drugs to feed their addiction.

An drug addiction therapist can give you advice about addiction to drugs, mental health issues that you may have and also how both can affect you. Knowing such information can help you to prevent a drug addiction.

Help With Detox – Summit Detox Florida

If you are already addicted, then getting help at a Florida detox center is the best thing to do. A great way to recover from an addiction is rehab. At a rehab center, you’re addiction will be treated by professionals – and you’ll have a much higher chance of recovery with professional help.