United Mission Week UK

“Young people can be released and empowered to do word and action mission. We are better together than we are apart, so HOPE Revolution is excited to help bring youth leaders and churches together to make an impact across their area. Could you be the energy and inspiration that your region needs to bring together a whole term of Mission, a united mission week or a co-ordinated project?

HOPE Revolution has a vision to see young people living out their faith in word and action mission right across the UK, building towards a big year of mission in 2014. ”

IgniteHope – Cardiff/South Wales

An opportunity to get messy for the gospel, have a laugh and make a difference in word and action in Wales

Beyond Belief – Cambridge

Young people worked alongside 38 local churches in a tremendous expression of unity, the likes of which had not been seen before.

HOPE Invasion – York

Teams of people taking music and drama into secondary schools and doing RE lessons, assemblies and concerts.

Bristol Noise

2nd October 2012

The Noise Weekend is jam packed full each summer with loads of different projects and activities going on around the city of Bristol. What happens in each community looks slightly different, but here are some of things that you might come across: COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION Over the 3 days, Noise volunteers will be working hard on a […]

Leicester’s tidal wave?

3rd April 2012“As the paintbrush swept across the paper, during the prayer time, our eyes were fixed in amazement on the picture beginning to take shape.  We couldn’t believe that this was becoming a picture of our city with big blue waves crashing down around it. There was continued silence until this unknowing new member of staff […]